About Us 会社概要

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Director Message (代表あいさつ)

Welcome To Akira Management!

Congratulations for visiting us. Here, you’re about to experience ideal pathways that are able to bring you to Japan for education and work.

Having worked overseas as a recruitment consultant in Singapore for over 12 years, I’ve learned that success is entirely dependent on your ability to care for others, empathise and to truly have compassion despite being in a demanding role. Making good connections and networks to build a strong pipeline of candidates and recruiters is crucial. 

The skills and experience that I have gained through various work settings and my personality traits to be dependable, reliable and hardworking ultimately made me decide to establish this company for my career.

I strongly believe that our ability to connect with others is one of the most rewarding experiences as a human being. Being able to learn a new language means putting yourself out there and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, whilst opening up additional doors of opportunities for both studying and work.

Some of the many reasons leading to me establishing Akira Management was that knowing multiple fluent languages can be a significant competitive edge that sets you apart from your monolingual peers. As an added incentive, in many instances, language skills also lead to hiring bonuses and increased salaries.

Regardless of your career aspirations, the additional language skill will surely make you ahead of the crowd!

In fact, that is where Akira Management comes in –where we provide you with the resources required to further your education in Japan. Through personalised consultations, making your way to Japan has never been easier.

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