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Our Clients Feedback

Since our establishment, we’ve successfully guided multiple batches of aspiring students to Japan, where they’ve gone ahead and achieved their dreams. Here are some of their personal experience and their thoughts on their professionally guided process with Akira Management.

I was thoroughly impressed with the dedication and effort in honouring commitments by Akira Management. The approach they take with each applicant to ensure their success is unparalleled to others.



One of the most significant programmes offered by Akira Management is the part-time work and study programme. It has helped me to fulfil my dream to study in Japan without a heavy cost. Besides that, Akira Management has also guided me to prepare everything necessary to study in Japan.


Jeff Chen

I am very happy that this scholarship program can allow me to study and work in Japan with a low cost. Although part-time work and study will be hard but you can learn a lot social culture in Japan, and you can have the opportunity to communicate with Japanese in the workplace. In Japan, as long as you speak Japanese well, you can feel the enthusiasm of the Japanese in your workplace and life. There is no need to worry about visa, it will be handled by Akira Management. 我很高兴这个奖学金计划可以让我用低经费来让我实现日本留学打工,虽然半工半读会辛苦但是你学到的东西也可以很多尤其是在日本的职场文化上,你也有很多机会用日文在职场跟日本人沟通。在日本只要你日文说得不错,在职场生活上都可以感受到日本人的热情。在签证方面也不需担心 ,由Akira Management一手包办。 この奨学金制度のおかげで、日本で低コストで勉強や仕事ができることをとてもうれしく思います. アルバイトや勉強は大変ですが、多くのことを学ぶことができます、特に日本の職場文化について。日本人とのコミュニケーションの機会を得ることができます.日本では、日本語が上手に話せれば、職場や生活の中で日本人の熱意を感じることができます。ビザの心配はありません、アキラマネージメントが対応します ケルヴィン KELVIN MALAYSIA


Kelvin Chin

This program has made my dream of working/studying in Japan come true. The person in charge has been helpful throughout the process - from visa application and problems solving. I believe this program is beneficial for those who wish to go overseas to study/work especially without the usage of a high budget. 这个项目让我在日本工作/学习的梦想成真了。 负责人在整个过程中都提供了帮助——从签证申请到解决问题。 我相信这个计划对那些希望出国学习/工作的人来说是有益的,尤其是在不使用高预算的情况下。 このプログラムは、日本で働きたい、日本で勉強したいが私の夢を実現させてくれました。 担当者は、ビザ申請から問題解決まで、プロセス全体を通して役に立ちました。 このプログラムは、特に高い予算を使わずに海外で勉強/仕事をしたい人にとって有益であると思います. リー Lee, Malaysia


Lee Xin Er



Daren Yii

This program provides an opportunity for people who have a low budget to fulfil their dream to come to Japan. However, it's a work and study program, hence the struggle is real. You will encounter challenges at work and insufficient time for studying. I would say this program suits those who want to work right away after the end of the program but if you wish to pursue higher education in Japan, you must plan your study time very well. It's better you could learn beginner Japanese before you come so you will be able to do simple communication with the Japanese. It is not an easy task but always remind yourself with your dream, be strong and stand firm.


Ashley Loh


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